About Smyth Jewelers

One Family. 100+ Years.

When Albert Smyth opened a jewelry store in 1914 Baltimore, he didn’t expect his surname would be loved a century later, but 100+ years of hard work paved the way for the store you see today. Now operated by the fourth generation of the family, Smyth is synonymous with high quality and honest service across the country. As the company has grown from a local favorite to a national gem, so has its breathtaking selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry and giftware for all occasions. Despite this rise, the company has never lost sight of its roots, continually volunteering time and donating profits back to the community that built us. 

Smyth’s standard of excellence is evident whether you visit one of their three Maryland locations or peruse their inventory online. With elegant pieces from luxury brands like Tacori and Simon G to approachable favorites from Anna Beck and Kendra Scott. Whichever way you choose, you will always Feel The Love.