Why Buy Online?

You may be asking yourself why you ought to purchase your jewelry online. After all, you may be saying, jewelry is a big purchase, and if you wouldn’t buy a car online, why purchase a piece of jewelry that’s being purchased sight unseen? That’s an exceptional question, and it’s rooted in a few assumptions about online markets. Here at Smyth Jewelers, we strive to ensure that not only our collections are impeccable, but our integrity and service too. As a leading jeweler for Maryland since 1914, we strive to reinforce our reputation for trustworthiness every day and with every transaction!


One of the biggest issues of purchasing jewelry online is the gap between “is” and “ought.” Too often, people suffer from buyer’s regret when they make a big-ticket purchase online and end up with something shipped to their house that wasn’t what they wanted. Here at Smyth Jewelers, we solve that problem: Whether you’re looking at fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry, timepieces, or giftware, we always offer a variety of images of the product. Moreover, you can also browse no less than a dozen specifications of the jewelry or timepiece. With our jewelry, we also offer a 360-degree view of the piece, allowing you to see every angle in the light.


Another issue is trust. You don’t want to do business with a fly-by-night organization that might be offering low-quality products. Since 1914, Smyth Jewelers has been a pillar of the Maryland jewelry scene, acting as a first stop for luxury jewelers who want to showcase their extraordinary designs. Names like Mikimoto, Pandora, Simon G., Tissot, and Tacori grace our collections, and we’re always pleased to let our online customers know more about what makes them special and what we can do to make their shopping process easier on them!


A Maryland staple, Smyth Jewelers is here to be your local jewelry store—no matter where you are! We showcase some of the finest collections of jewelry and Swiss-quality timepieces on the market, and we strive to ensure that there’s an option available for your specific needs. Whether that’s financing options, military and first responder discounts, incomparable services, or the option to build an online bridal registry, Smyth Jewelers shows that the number one benefit of a trustworthy online jeweler is comfort and convenience! If you’re interested in the pieces or services we offer at Smyth Jewelers, don’t hesitate to send us an email, or contact us at our showrooms today: (410) 252-6666 for Timonium, Maryland; (443) 321-0300 for Annapolis, Maryland; and (410) 461-4044 for Ellicott City, Maryland!

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