Watches at Smyth Jewelers


What sets a luxury watch—a genuine timepiece—apart from the kind of watch you can pick up from a convenience store? Here at Smyth Jewelers, our answer is “permanence.” That is to say, we think that a luxury watch is one you’ll be able to keep for the rest of your life and, with proper maintenance, be able to pass down as a treasured inheritance. There are many factors that go into a timeless watch, ranging from the quality of materials used to the sense of aesthetics to the Swiss engineering that’s still treasured by watch aficionados. 


One of the most preeminent collections of timepieces available at Smyth Jewelers is the Monaco collection from TAG Heuer. The esteemed designer went out of its way in creating a timepiece that’s not only made with the Swiss-engineered perfection one can expect from a TAG Heuer movement but is aesthetically masterful. Monaco watches are made to mimic the iconic watch worn by Steve McQueen in the movie “Le Mans,” including a square case, square subdials, and brilliant interplays of masculine color. We also showcase the Mr-G collection from G-Shock. These ultradurable timepieces blend diamond-like carbon and titanium with a rugged aesthetic for the outdoor man.


The Tissot Vintage collection lives up to its name: Inheriting all of the clean, timeless elegance of vintage designs, this collection doesn’t skimp on luxury materials, including leather straps and 18k gold cases. Plus, you can be confident that the Swiss engineering that Tissot invests in all of its collections make them something worthy of any timepiece lover who wants a refined look. Michele offers looks that are no less remarkable, and their Deco collection conjures the elegance of the Art Deco period in every square case; in every Roman numeral; in every interplay of red mother of pearl and diamond on the pieces’ dials.


You can trust that the century of experience that Smyth Jewelers has accrued has helped us to become one of the foremost experts of jewelry and Swiss-quality timepiece excellence in the state of Maryland. Our customers come back on the regular to browse our incomparable collections of luxury watches and draw from our well of expertise to help guide them to the right look. If you’re interested in learning more about watches and watch culture, contact us at our Timonium, Maryland showroom at (410) 252-6666; our Annapolis, Maryland showroom at (443) 321-0300; or our Ellicott City, Maryland showroom at (410) 461-4044 today!

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