The 4 Big Engagement Ring Styles in 2020

When you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring, there’s two theories at play for the style you should aim for. The first is to pick something timeless that doesn’t specifically point to a period of time. This classic look may be favored by a woman who knows that her tastes are going to change frequently through her life. The other theory is that one should purchase an engagement ring that symbolizes the period of time in which the proposal happened. Here at Smyth Jewelers, we’re partial to both ideas, but if you’re looking for something dazzling that will represent a 2020 engagement forever, there’s some fashion trends that are going to dominate the new year. Check out these engagement ring styles on the rise in 2020!

Yellow Gold

After having spent so many years out in the aesthetic wilderness, yellow gold is making a comeback in a big way. First, rose gold had its turn in the 2010s, and now, fashionistas are suggesting that women are turning their attention back to the shade of gold that defines “gold.” Yellow gold has a sunny brilliance to it, which is a great way to draw attention. Plus, with the upcoming return of spring and summer in 2020, there are few better ways to celebrate the return of the warmer months than with a yellow gold engagement ring.

Vintage Modern

The trend that began in the last nine years is set to continue on in a big, big way. Vintage settings and stones are set to be a big look for 2020, and we’re getting positively Edwardian in this house: Rose-cut, Asscher-cut, and emerald-cut engagement rings are looks that have been lending antique elegance to contemporary pieces. More than diamond cuts, though, vintage settings like bezels pair perfectly with contemporary ones like channel or tension settings.

The partnership between the old and new is something that’s been favored by contemporary designers, though you may have to turn to custom jewelry design if you’re hoping to have a particularly rare diamond shape, such as a rose cut, as your center stone.


You may notice that uniqueness is something that goes hand-in-hand with the explosion of vintage looks, but if you’ve ever been curious about custom jewelry design, there’ll be no better time than 2020 to have something whimsical designed. Alternatively, if you’d prefer having something designed by a luxury studio, you may appreciate the looks we showcase. A pink heart-cut diamond might be the kind of idiosyncrasy that speaks to your personal tastes. Or pick an engagement ring that takes advantage of unusual side stones, such as half-moon cuts. Really, the power of the “unique” engagement ring comes largely from its ability to express your personal aesthetic.

Multiple Stones

One of the big trends in engagement ring design that’s going to be big in 2020 is the preeminence of multiple gemstones and diamonds. The brilliance of multiple gemstones is something that a woman can admire as the years go on. Naturally, one of the easiest ways to pursue the multi-stone ideal is through halo engagement rings, but there’s other ways to embrace multiple stones. Three stone rings, for example, can be designed with relatively equal-sized center stones to make a bold look for the new year.

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