Tanzanite Jewelry: Not Just for December Babies

Once upon a time, December birthstone jewelry was limited to turquoise and blue topaz. No need to turn up our nose at these radiant stones, but today’s December babies have a new option when it comes to celebrating their birthdays. Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967, and this lushly beautiful stone comes in a wide range of colors from deep blues to vivid violets and everything in between. At Smyth Jewelers, we’re passionate about supplying the most exceptional tanzanite jewelry, whether it’s new or estate jewelry to shoppers of all tastes. Keep reading to discover the history of tanzanite and find out why so many want this stone in their collection.

Get to Know Tanzanite

One of the world’s newest gems, tanzanite has been appearing on jewelry store shelves for just over half a century. Mined near Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, this richly exotic stone is now the second most popular blue gem on Earth after sapphire. Not only does it come in multiple hues, but the stone actually looks different depending on the way its cut and the angle at which its viewed. As a result, you’ll never grow bored of looking at your tanzanite jewels.

Unlike harder stones like diamond and sapphire, tanzanite measures a bit lower on the Mohs scale. With a rating of 6.5 to 7, this brilliantly hued jewel is slightly more vulnerable to scratches and abrasions. For this reason, many tanzanite lovers choose to install this stone in earrings and pendants. If you do opt to buy a tanzanite ring, be sure to choose a setting capable of protecting this wine-colored gem.

Creating Exceptional Jewelry

Whether you’re a December baby or just a blue jewelry aficionado, the designers at Smyth supply a wide array of pieces that are sure to please. Along with creating designs that protect the integrity of the tanzanite, artisans who work with this stone choose low settings that show off the vivid blue jewel to its best advantage.

In particular, tanzanite is a great choice for fashion rings, as the rich color is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. This distinctive stone looks particularly elegant set against fashion-forward pieces like those designed by Jack Kelege. Sleek and glamorous, these designs are handcrafted by expert artisans. Plus, the milgrain touches bring a vintage appeal to these modern designs.

Additionally, luxuriant tanzanite is an ideal option for necklaces. Whether you want to add elegance to your outfit or draw some attention to your decolletage, tanzanite makes any piece more luxuriant. Shop for necklaces from Simon G. for a rich look that blends colored gems with exuberantly geometric flashes of diamond for an end result that’s truly unforgettable.

Shop for Superlative Gifts at Smyth Jewelers

Shopping for a holiday gift for that special someone in your life? December birthstone jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate a wide range of occasions. From tanzanite rings to earrings, necklaces to bracelets, you’ll find an incredible selection of pieces at our jewelry store. A member of Preferred Jewelers International, Smyth Jewelers has over 100 years of experience in making customers’ dreams come true. Shop online today or stop by to see our goods for yourself. Or contact us today: (410) 252-6666 for our Timonium, Maryland showroom; (443) 321-0300 for our Annapolis, Maryland showroom; and (410) 461-4044 for our Ellicott City, Maryland showroom.

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