Solitare Engagement Rings

Characteristics of Solitaire Engagement Rings

What sets a solitaire engagement ring apart from other styles? The answer’s right in the name: Solitaire rings are distinguished by the fact that they put emphasis on a “solitary” stone at the heart of the engagement ring. Despite being a more minimalist style than halos or three-stone rings, a solitaire draws attention to the purity of the center stone and boasts as much elegance as other styles. Here at Smyth Jewelers, we’re pleased to offer a wide variety of solitaire engagement rings from top designers in the industry. The diversity of the brands in our showcases means that no matter your personal aesthetic, we’re confident we have something to impress you.

Popular Solitaire Engagement Ring Collections at Smyth Jewelers

Michael M’s collection of solitaire rings shows one of the benefits of the style: An elegant setting for the center stone gets a lot of attention. Michael M has designed prongs that are breathtaking in their creativity, such as flat-topped prongs whose circular shape complements the round-cut diamond they’re holding, or a modern blend of prong and bezel setting that can’t help but attract attention. It doesn’t hurt, either, that Michael M crafts its rings from high-quality 18k rose, yellow, and white gold. Alternatively, for a more traditional take on solitaire engagement rings, the Uneek Unity collection sculpts cool 18k white gold or platinum rings designed to be an unobtrusive canvas in which a gorgeous center diamond can practically float. It’s an ideal look for a woman who wants to show off the flawlessness of her diamond.

Solitaire rings can also show off the artistry invested in the ring’s band too. For example, the KARL LAGERFELD Arch collection features shanks made from intertwined vines of 18k gold or platinum, coming to a flower-like set of 8 prongs. Scott Kay’s Namaste and Embrace collections also play with the concept of attention being drawn to the band. Namaste collection solitaire rings feature soft curves that become dramatic swoops, mirroring hands in prayer and the arch of a body practicing yoga. The Embrace collection knots loops of metal so tightly that it’s impossible to know where one begins and the other ends.

Why Shop for Solitaire Engagement Rings at Smyth Jewelers?

For over a century, Smyth Jewelers has been the first stop for women looking for the most elegant solitaire engagement ring designs. Our customers adore this style of engagement ring, as well as the other styles available at our showroom, including side-stone and halo engagement rings. Don’t overlook our gorgeous collections of designer wedding bands, fashion jewelry, and Swiss-quality timepieces either! If you’re looking for a solitaire ring that best expresses your unique tastes, contact us at 410-252-6666 or visit our Timonium, Annapolis, or Ellicott City, Maryland showrooms today!

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