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 Smyth Jewelers custom jewelry

Smyth Jewelers offers an extraordinary abundance of options to create one-of-a-kind,

personalized pieces or make something old new again. Jewelry is meant to be worn and adorned,

especially those priceless family heirlooms or items with antiquated trends. All they need is a fun

and effortless makeover. Maybe you’re ready to pop the question and want something jaw

dropping. There are hundreds of possibilities to design an engagement ring unique to your partner.

Smyth will help you bring life to the jewelry of your dreams.

Any day of the week, you can walk into one of Smyth’s three locations to breathe some life

back into an antique necklace, rearrange an outdated ring design, or re-set stones into a brand new

style that fits your current taste. Additionally, we will guide you through anything custom from

start to finish. It’s much easier than you could imagine and we are here to help every step of the


How do I start the Custom Jewelry process?

Your first step for a re-style is to gather one or more of the beautiful baubles that are collecting dust

in your jewelry box and bring them in for a free design consultation. If you are looking to bring a

dream engagement ring to fruition or design a completely custom piece, haul in as many photos or

Pinterest pins that you can. The more visuals we have to work with, the better. Then we can use

pieces we have in the store to help you envision the finished product.

What’s the difference between a re-style and a completely custom piece?

When re-styling a piece, we have a few routes we can go. The most common are re-setting stones

into a new mounting or making a CAD (computer aided design) to design something from the

ground up. For example, let’s say you have your grandmother’s 3 stone diamond ring but it is an

antique design and just not you. Our professional staff here will guide you through our wide

selection to find the right inspiration. For instance, we could use the side diamonds to make stud

earrings and the center to make a classic diamond pendant. One ring becomes two pieces just like

that! Now they are updated and will be worn again for years to come, making Grandma proud.

With 100% custom jewelry, we will utilize the CAD once we hash out the details. After looking

through photos with our design experts, you will then narrow down specifics. Using what we have

in the store we can determine factors such as the color metal preferred, stone sizes, the width of a

band, mounting design, etc. Your expert will communicate everything in detail to our CAD creator

and will produce an image for you to view and modify or approve. No stone will go unturned and

your vision will solidify into an extraordinary end result.

Will it be more expensive because it’s custom?

Not necessarily. Everything is the same price regardless of the style and modification. Additional

labor can bring the cost up slightly, but that’s about it. The designers we work with are familiar and

welcoming of custom work, so your personalized touch won’t affect the overall cost.

What if I don’t like the finished product?

We will make it right. The “Smyth way” ensures that you have a finished product you are in love

with. Rarely do we come across an unsatisfied customer. This is because of the diligence we provide

during the process to make sure your vision is understood.

Let’s walk through a real-life story of a customized project!

A gentleman named Shane came in to purchase a 3-stone emerald diamond engagement ring. This

isn’t a piece we normally stock, so the salesperson explained it would need to be custom. Shane

chose the emerald diamond, the trapezoid diamonds on either side and the ring mounting he liked

best. The word “custom” can be associated with more money and more time. This is not the case.

Shane explains, “I expected the process to be very extensive because I wanted the perfect ring.” His

comfort with the overall experience also reflects the ease with which we will produce a stunning

final product. “Customer service has been superior to the other stores I’ve visited,” he said. The time

frame for this customization was only 4 weeks and the cost was based solely on the ring style and

no extra charges for making it personalized. Here are a few photos of Shawn’s ring in progress, from

the loose stones to the digital CAD drawing.

illustration of ring

With access to over a thousand settings, 500 diamonds, and a price protection guarantee, you will

absolutely end up with the highest quality for the best fare. We are here to make your dreams come

true and present something that will last a lifetime. With over 100 years in the business, we are

confident in making this happen. You can schedule a custom jewelry consultation online or by

calling the location most convenient to you. We are excited to make the piece that is unique to you

and only you!

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