November Birthstone Jewelry Must-Haves that Make the Perfect Gifts

Fall is officially in full swing. Our opinion? Bring on the brown.

Whether you’re a Scorpio or not, few will dispute how much November birthstone jewelry feels like home after a long summer of bright colors and wild style. The two stars of the season: topaz and citrine. What makes these two stones dazzle so brightly?

Topaz and Citrine: Pick Your Poison

Topaz is the first thing most people think of when November birthstone jewelry is brought up. Topaz is a silicate mineral comparable to a diamond in hardness. While the most familiar manifestation of topaz will inevitably be the classic honey-brown hue, topaz actually can take on one of many colors, including yellow, pink, orange, violet, and, in some rare instances, even vibrant red. Long-believed to carry with it calming properties and protective attributes, topaz is prized for much more than its physical beauty historically.

Citrine is topaz’s lesser-known cousin and should most certainly not be slept on. As a member of the quartz family, citrine’s enticing sparkle is the perfect way to shine this season. Ranging from bright yellow to golden amber in color, citrine birthstone jewelry will complement any fall wardrobe swimmingly.

Some of the Most Enchanting November Birthstone Jewelry in Our Showcase

Our top choices when it comes to topaz November birthstone jewelry are, without a doubt, Tacori (most pertinently, their gemstone necklaces, gemstone bracelets, and gemstone earrings) and Lagos. Tacori’s Island Rains collection gives you dozens of options in the realm of blue topaz that you can mix and match, while Lagos has the market cornered on a more complete look with a gorgeous collection of coordinated cool topaz jewelry that you will flip your lid over.

If citrine is what you’re after, look no further than our catalogue of Elle’s finest offerings in the area. They combine the natural beauty of citrine with their unique design sensibilities and a plethora of other stones to create November birthstone jewelry that will make your autumn unforgettable.

November Birthstone Jewelry and More at Smyth Jewelers

Ready to get your fix? We’ve got everything you need this fall if you’re on the hunt for November birthstone jewelry for yourself or a loved one. Book an appointment with our team or drop by any of our showrooms in Timonium, Annapolis, or Ellicott City today to get a taste of all we have to offer this season.

It’s November, and this year, we mean business. We hope you’ve got your pumpkin spice latte already - it’s going to be a wild ride this fall.

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