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Imagine having the ring of your dreams custom made just for you!  We started off with a brushed platinum wedding band, added some exquisite hand engraving, and rub set seven diamonds embellishing the ring all the way around. The ladies’ rings are always gorgeous and the gentleman’s band should be just the same. The classic wedding band does not have to be classic anymore! We offer multiple types of customizations to your jewelry or gifts. Anyone can buy a picture frame off the shelf and have it wrapped for the occasion. Why not make it personal with an engraving! The recipient will always remember what you gave them how it represents that special occasion. We offer hand engraving, machine engraving, glass etching, crystal engraving, and decals in every color under the sun.

Come into Smyth Jewelers and let us show you how you can personalize just about any gift to make for a memorable occasion.

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