From Matronly to Modern: Pearl Jewelry’s Huge Comeback

The latest: pearl jewelry is alive and well in the hearts of tastemakers everywhere. We can’t help but find ourselves on board with the revival of this trend every time. Pearls are classy, sassy, and can be easily incorporated into a variety of styles.

How much do you really know about pearl jewelry, though? There is plenty to learn - and we’ve got the run-down right here for you.

Why Pearl Jewelry?

Pearls are an incredible way to enhance a previously drab outfit and add a classic feminine edge. Their alluring shimmer is coy and understated, and the muted colors they are conventionally found in means they’ll mesh with any outfit without overpowering any of the other elements at play. Their timeless beauty makes them a very safe bet when investing in something new. Pearls are never out of style, and with good reason.

Maintenance: Keeping Your Pearl Jewelry Beautiful for a Lifetime

As natural, biologically-occurring gemstones, pearls are quite delicate and require care in order to preserve their beauty. They’re porous, and thus should never be worn when swimming or partaking in any other activity that may get them wet; applying lotion and perfume should also be done well before you put your pearls on. Never use soap or astringent cleaners when wiping them after a night out. All they need is the gentle touch of a soft cloth, and you’ll be good to go.

The Big Who’s Who in Pearl Jewelry

Sure, there are plenty of places to get a strand of pearls in this world. If you’re looking for pearl jewelry that’s a bit more daring, however, you have got to check out some of our favorites.

Honora is known for the tasteful minimalism employed in every piece of pearl jewelry they produce. Their freshwater pearls come in a wide variety of colors and styles - opalescent beauties in greens, grays, creams, suspended delicately on a gold chain, and strung tightly against one another in a gorgeous bracelet. If you can dream it, chances are, you’ll be able to find it here.

The cultured pearls of Tara are the ultimate way to imbue your outfit with just the right touch of sophistication. Perfectly suited for both formal wear and the day-to-day, the replay value each piece offers makes their work a valuable addition to any collection.

Lastly (and, we have to say, our most-loved brand in the way of pearl jewelry) comes Mikimoto. They’re truly trailblazers in the industry; as the first company to ever cultivate a cultured pearl (of which they use very few, just to keep things exclusive), it’s fair to say that their game-changing style is certainly informed by the scientific genius of the people putting each piece together from the ground up.

We Love Pearl Jewelry at Smyth Jewelers

And we would love to share everything we’ve got with you and yours. For the latest and greatest in pearl jewelry, we implore that you pay us a visit. Our showcase is always stocked up and ready to go, no matter what you happen to be looking for. We also offer our patrons a variety of services, including repairs for damaged pieces, whether they include pearls or not. To hop onto the bandwagon, book an appointment with a member of our expert team ASAP for more information.

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