Finding the Right Watch for Him & Her

Time continues to move forward, and if you’re looking to get a gift that reflects that fact, why not look into getting a luxury timepiece? Here at Smyth Jewelers, when you visit our showrooms, you’ll find a variety of jewelry and giftware collections that are ideal for holidays and birthdays. But how often have you considered how your special someone would look while wearing a watch as an accessory?

You may have a vision in your mind of a high-powered businessman wearing a luxury timepiece to the boardroom, but there are as many varieties of watches as there are jewelry! Options for both men and women allow you to pick a watch that’s ideal for any individual’s tastes, and we’ve got some special suggestions for both him and her!


Watches for Him

mans wrist with watch


Since watches are most often associated with men’s wardrobes, it’s easier to find a piece that’s tailor-made for a man’s tastes. One of our favorite suggestions is the Monaco collection from TAG Heuer. This piece is pretty much the ne plus ultra of cool, masculine design. Having originally been worn by Steve McQueen in 1971’s “Le Mains,” the Monaco boasted the first square case and the first automatic movement. Engineering brilliance, an effortless cool, and a sleek dial all come together to make this a great gift for the man who rules any room he walks into.

We also suggest collections from Tissot if you’re searching for the ideal gift. Tissot is known for its artistic bent, and this comes through in their Chemin des Tourelles or Vintage 18k Gold collections. Chemin des Tourelles watches have a skeleton (invisible) dial, which may be fun for the engineering guy; the Vintage 18k Gold collection is, as the name implies, distinguished by its 18k rose and yellow gold, which is used to illuminate the case and bezel. The smooth dial and the clean index lines make this a watch for the man who appreciates the value of vintage styles—and it may be the first piece in a new collection of vintage timepieces!


Watches for Her

woman wearing watch

When you browse the Smyth Jewelers watch finder, you’ll see that we have several hundred options for the special woman in your life. While watches are usually associated with a man’s wardrobe, women’s timepieces have been a constant figure in the world of horology since the 1800s. We’re pleased to offer Michele to women with discriminating tastes—it’s a collection of timepieces from women explicitly for women, and that comes through in the collections from the designer. Consider the Deco collection. The bold square cases of this line bring to mind the design elegance of the Art Deco period, and the rich colors of their sapphires, diamonds, and enamel, particularly when paired with the gold plating, makes a collection that blurs the line between jewelry and horology.

If you’d like to learn more about watches, or how to make Smyth Jewelers your local jeweler, don’t hesitate to contact us today or visit us at our showrooms: Timonium, Maryland at (410) 252-6666; Annapolis, Maryland at (443) 321-0300; or Ellicott City, Maryland at (410) 461-4044

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