Estate Jewelry

What is Estate Jewelry?

Simply, the term “estate” means that the jewelry in this category tends to be left by people who’ve passed away. There are other methods for passing down estate jewelry, but here at Smyth Jewelers, we’re pleased to be a repository for these treasured heirlooms. When you see the phrase “estate jewelry,” that generally implies that the jewelry in question has a patina of age attached to it. Vintage or antique, these pieces tend to be at least 40 years old and can even date to at least a hundred years or more in some rare cases.

Why Shop for Estate Jewelry?

While we’re eminently fond of the designer collections of jewelry we showcase at our showrooms, there’s something special in the patina and history of estate jewelry that new jewelry can’t match until it’s been loved for generations. All of our estate pieces at Smyth Jewelers have been cleaned, polished, tightened and restored to their original glory to ensure you can enjoy it for years to come. It’s one of the reasons why your wedding ring may get scratched up over the decades but will become more valuable to you nonetheless: Jewelry and timepieces have the ability to absorb history and love in a way few other possessions can. Plus, when you’re looking for rare, antique, or difficult-to-reproduce features in your jewelry or timepieces, you may wish to turn to estate jewelry to find pieces from a different era of design. For example, cameos, cloisonné, and unusual gems like jet or amber may be easiest to find when they’re in the form of estate pieces. If you’re looking for pieces from ultra-luxe brands or those that have gone out of business, you may also appreciate beginning your search with the estate jewelry and timepieces offered here at Smyth Jewelers.

The special thing about estate jewelry and watches, related to the idea of patina, is the fact that when you purchase an estate piece, you’re purchasing a piece of history that you can cherish and, in turn, add your own story. There are few things more special than the stories and feelings that can be invested in fine pieces.

Why Shop at Smyth Jewelers?

It should perhaps go without saying that if Smyth Jewelers has been trusted to handle the treasured estate pieces of families, we’re more than capable of treating our customers with the same conscientiousness. Since 1914, Smyth Jewelers has explored the possibilities of jewelry and watch excellence, and we’re always pleased to pair our customers with the pieces that speak to them. Whether those pieces are brand new or from our estate jewelry vault, we know we can find the right sparkle for you. If you’re interested in learning more about estate jewelry or timepieces, don’t hesitate to contact us at any of our locations: (410) 252-6666 for Timonium, Maryland; (443) 321-0300 for Annapolis, Maryland; or (410) 461-4044 for Ellicott City, Maryland!

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