Engagement Ring Styles

When you’re searching for an engagement ring, there are a variety of styles that the piece can take in the hands of a professional designer. These styles are far from standardized, and there’s a significant amount of overlap, but decades of jewelry design have allowed for certain trends to predominate in the world of engagement rings.

Here at Smyth Jewelers, our history with bridal jewelry stretches back to 1914, and that experience has allowed us to put together a handy guide to engagement ring styles for you!


When we talk about “contemporary” engagement rings, we’re talking about a certain collection of trends that fit together to create an aesthetic feeling. Minimalism, smoothness, and unusual additions to pieces all scream “modern,” and if you’re looking for something along those lines, we suggest you keep your eyes peeled for bezel settings, as well as settings masterminded in recent decades, such as channel and tension settings. The use of princess-cut diamonds also is a touch that sets contemporary looks apart.


Vintage rings, on the other hand, are inspired by the looks that dominated the 1880s through 1930s. This era was rich with style trends that informed the rest of the 20th century, and it’s still easy to admire the lacy halos, geometric features, and use of platinum. Moreover, if you’re a fond of maximalism (the use of many details to express aesthetics), vintage engagement rings with their milgrain beading and arabesques may be the ideal choice for you. The use of vintage diamond shapes like Asscher- and emerald-cut diamonds may also appeal to your desire for something a little different!


Classic engagement rings are designed to be pieces of art that will never lose any of their aesthetic pleasure. The classic ring is one that you may immediately picture when the phrase “engagement ring” is mentioned due to their universality. Classic engagement rings are distinguished by the use of prong settings which hold a round-cut diamond. Occasionally, classic rings will boast side stones, but classic rings tend toward the solitaire in 18k yellow gold.


Colored gem engagement rings occupy a unique style category. While any gemstone can be used to create a contemporary, vintage, or classic profile, most engagement rings have been historically built around diamonds, so the presence of brilliant colors changes the equation entirely. For an example of what we mean, imagine a yellow gold solitaire with a moss-green emerald rather than a diamond. The complement of colors creates something brilliant, new, and utterly personalized.

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