Emerald Cut Engagement Rings



What’s so special about emerald-cut diamonds? First, they’re an extremely ancient cut, stretching back to the Middle Ages. But their long shape and clean lines made them a natural fit for the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s. Known as a “step cut,” emerald cuts don’t have the same sparkle and fire as a round-cut diamond, but they’re clear as pools of water and the unique facets give them an internal “hall of mirrors” effect that alternates bars of black and white when exposed to light. At Smyth Jewelers, we have a real passion for the vintage cool of emerald-cut engagement rings!


One of the most popular collections of emerald-cut engagement rings at Smyth Jewelers is the Trinity collection from Michael M. Boasting a center emerald cut flanked by two smaller ones, the hall of mirrors effect flows down 18k gold and the straight prongs. The prongs’ side diamonds lend the rings an architectural cool that wouldn’t be out of place in the Jazz Age. Of course, if you’re passionate for emerald cuts, you’ll also love the Simon G. Vintage Explorer or Passion lines. What sets these pieces apart is the halo of rose or yellow gold around the center stone set with pink or yellow diamonds whose color accents the stone perfectly.


Speaking of multicolored gold, you’ll find a lot to love in the Remount collection from Martin Flyer. The designer utilizes platinum, white, yellow, and rose gold like a dazzling rainbow of colors to surround the emerald-cut center stone. The unique halo has clipped corners to mimic the shape of the diamond, and the tapered baguettes on the side add a flash of beauty to the piece. Jack Kelege offers remarkable engagement rings whose split shanks, filigrees, and column-like capitals are absolutely studded with pave-set side diamonds. The luxury of these bands is ideal for the sophisticated fiancée who appreciates a big flash of glamour.


First established in 1914, Smyth Jewelers has only boosted its sterling reputation in the decades since we opened our doors. Every year, we search out new collections of dazzling bridal jewelry for the benefit of our customers, and we’re big fans of the designer emerald-cut engagement rings whose vintage chic offers modern women timeless elegance. With so many collections on display from the designers that women love, we encourage customers to contact Smyth Jewelers today at our showrooms for more information: (410) 252-6666 for Timonium, Maryland; (443) 321-0300 for Annapolis, Maryland; and (410) 461-4044 for Ellicott City, Maryland!

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