Designer Spotlight on Martin Flyer

Since 1945, Martin Flyer has been a fixture of the New York jewelry scene. Their third-generation business is built on a foundation of quality and success, and here at Smyth Jewelers, we’re pleased to offer pieces stamped with the Martin Flyer imprimatur of excellence. We occasionally hear from our customers, however, who ask what sets Martin Flyer apart from other brands.

Today, we’re going to turn the spotlight on Martin Flyer to showcase the features we think are most salient and engaging about a bridal brand that’s been happily worn by literally thousands of women.

The Martin Flyer Aesthetic

When you look at one of the engagement rings or wedding bands designed by Martin Flyer, you immediately notice the purity of form favored by the designer. Straight lines, perfect curves, and geometric precision all come together to make a ring which boasts clean design from every angle. You pick a Martin Flyer because it brings the elegance of the Art Deco era to modern design theory.

Adding in the designer’s wedding bands only broadens the appeal of the Martin Flyer aesthetic. It’s instructive to take a look at the Match My Ring collection of bands—many of which are sculpted from platinum and carats of diamond set in an eternity band style. As the name implies, these wedding bands are specially designed to pair with one of the sister rings.


Speaking of pairing, an aspect of Martin Flyer design that women have admired for decades is the “FlyerFit”. Martin Flyer discards the idea that a woman should have to do extra work in finding a wedding band to match her engagement ring. Many bridal designers have collections whose wedding band and engagement ring offerings are built around a central theme, but Martin Flyer goes a step further by designing bridal pairs designed to interlock and share details! It’s a surprising touch, but from Martin Flyer, should you expect anything less?


Often, engagement rings and wedding bands can be a pain in the hand. As soft as platinum and gold rings are, they’re significantly harder than skin—and when the edge of a band or shank sits against the tender area between fingers, it can hurt. Martin Flyer, however, has designed its bridal jewelry around the premise that a woman shouldn’t have to hurt to wear a piece of glitz. Here at Smyth Jewelers, we tend to agree—a big reason why we’re pleased to be an authorized retailer for their collections of jewelry, including the luminous Remount collection.

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