3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Diamond

Are you on the hunt for the prize jewel of your beloved’s engagement ring? One of the services we offer our patrons is the extraordinarily diverse selection of diamonds in our catalog, as well as the expert advice you’ll need to help pare away the ones that simply aren’t a perfect match for you.

You and your partner deserve the best when it comes to crowning that gold engagement ring you’ve both got your hearts set on. Here are our top three questions to ask before buying a diamond that should be at the top of your list when you stop by for a consultation.

What is the Quality of the Diamond?

You’ve no doubt run into something called the “4 C’s” of diamond classification - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These four attributes will lay the foundation for your journey’s mission and will help you boil down your needs and desires into a few quantifiable criteria that you can bring to your jeweler. Speaking in these terms helps your expert guide you to the perfect stone for your dream solitaire ring without any confusion or miscommunication.

This information will be especially useful to those on a budget. Choosing a diamond of slightly less pristine clarity or a diamond that is marginally off in color from a perfect white diamond will allow you to size up without compromising your financial limitations. It’s all about finding balance.

Is the Diamond Certified?

The paper trail of the diamond is one way of guaranteeing that the rock you’re investing in is genuine and legitimate. A grading report allows you to assess all of the objective qualities detailed above at a glance as recorded by a qualified gemologist, leaving little to the imagination and taking guesswork totally out of the equation. The diamond’s certification will also be an invaluable resource for those seeking a sustainable, conflict-free diamond ring.

Diamond certification is especially useful when buying a diamond or complete piece second-hand, a situation where some of the finer details may not be readily available online or from other third-party sources. Reliable information about your investment is key when it comes to ensuring that your purchase is the one that’s truly right for you.

Is the Diamond Covered by a Warranty?

The protection covering your diamond is no doubt something you’re interested in learning more about before putting any money down on the table. Every retailer will differ in the warranty they offer and the services they are equipped for. Smyth Jewelers, for example, provides a Preferred Jewelers International warranty for the diamond of your choosing, on top of cleaning, resizing, and repair services for the ring as a whole. Asking this question before making your final decision will be a vital part of your due diligence when searching for a diamond.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Diamond? Smyth Jewelers Has the Answers

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Find the perfect match effortlessly with a bit of help from our staff; booking an appointment is as easy as giving us a ring or reaching out to us online.

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