2020 Trend: Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is a metal with an unusual history. The alloy was first created in the 1800s as a combination of copper and gold, creating an unexpected organic color while maintaining the brilliance and luster of gold. Because of its popularity among the Russian aristocracy, the metal was known as “Russian gold” until its popularity expanded to the rest of Europe, where it fit in with the Art Noveau period.

However, the onset of the World Wars meant that a luxurious material like rose gold was disfavored for decades. In the 2010s, rose gold boomed back to prominence thanks to its unique color—a big plus in an era of personalization and customization. Here at Smyth Jewelers, we have a real passion for the art of rose gold engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion jewelry, and we have some style suggestions when you’re trying to get the right rose gold look together for the new decade!

Rose Gold and Color

Because rose gold is already a brilliantly colored metal, it makes a natural pairing with other saturated colors. Of course, you may already have an idea of pairing rose gold with rubies or pink diamonds, but many of the inventive designers we showcase here at Smyth Jewelers use unexpected combinations to draw out the organic charm of rose gold. Amethyst becomes more wine-colored in a pink frame; onyx necklaces forms a contrast with the metal used in their design; and pearls gain an added “blush”.

Floral Designs

If you’re planning on getting engaged in 2020, rose gold is a good choice for symbolizing the era. However, if you’re looking to take the theme further, you may appreciate picking an engagement ring that also uses rose gold to make actual roses. Many of the collections of engagement rings we offer at Smyth Jewelers, including the Simon G. Garden collection and the Scott Kay Luminaire line, use diamonds and rose gold against a neutral background of white gold to create a striking presentation.

Stacking Different Shades

Rose gold makes for an amazing look on its own, but one of the big trends of the late 2010s that’s also continuing into 2020 is the trend toward stackable jewelry. It isn’t hard to see how this fits into the drive for personalization when you see a collection of personally chosen bracelets stacked on a woman’s wrist. Pairing rose gold with its sister metals—yellow and white gold—creates a striking effect thanks to the contrast between shades. If you’re treating rose gold as the star of the show, remember that while gold will make the cherry-blossom pink pop; yellow gold, on the other hand, is ideal for bringing out rose gold’s luster.

If you’d like to find out more about rose gold jewelry offered at Smyth Jewelers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the showroom that can act as your local jeweler: Timonium, Maryland at (410) 252-6666; Annapolis, Maryland at (443) 321-0300; or Ellicott City, Maryland at (410) 461-4044!

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