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Jewelry Resizing at Smyth Jewelers

Here’s something you may not know: An adult’s finger doesn’t stay the same size forever. Your ring size will change on a daily basis, even if you don’t notice it. Something as subtle as a little extra salt in your diet or stress in your daily routine can lead to your fingers changing size at any time during the day. When you add in other factors like aging, pregnancy, and changes in weight, there’s little way to tell what your fingers might look like in a month’s time.

However, since gold can’t grow or shrink to match the size of your finger, you might not be able to wear your favorite ring if you’ve experienced some changes in life that change your ring size. But there’s no reason to put the ring away and never look at it again! Jewelry resizing is something you can get done at Smyth Jewelers, and we’re more than happy to help you with upsizing and downsizing your ring to fit your fingers perfectly!

Sizing Your Ring Down

If you had your ring purchased during pregnancy or a period of greater weight, it may be too big for you now. If that’s the case, there’s a few useful options available for making it smaller, depending on your preferences and the nature of the ring. The most non-invasive choice is adding sizing beads, which are small metal beads soldered to the inside of the ring’s shank. If the beads are too irritating for your finger, you may prefer a spring insert added to the inner surface of the band. It’s a slightly more complex addition, but it tends to be more comfortable for most women.

It is easier to size a ring down, because removable inserts can be added to the piece—but if you’re in a situation where your bone structure is changing (due to conditions like age-related arthritis), and your knuckle is getting bigger while you’re losing soft tissue, it may necessitate a permanent change. In this case, Smyth Jewelers can install a movable shank that can comfortably fit over your knuckle.

Sizing Your Ring Up

On the other hand, sizing a ring up can be a more complicated process. A jeweler can’t add something to size your ring up; the metal itself has to be altered. As with sizing down, however, there are different ways of doing this, and some methods may be better for your particular needs.

One of the more straightforward options is to stretch the ring. Metal is ductile, which allows a jeweler to place your ring on a mandrel and mechanically stretch it to the ideal size. This is a good choice for rings made of soft metals, such as high-karat gold or silver, and those without jewels. However, keep in mind that certain settings that depend on carefully designed ring shape, like channel or invisible settings, can’t be altered this way at all.

You can also ask your jeweler to cut a piece from the bottom of your ring and weld additional metal into place. With our skilled team, you’ll never have to worry about weak spots in your ring. This process is not possible to do with eternity bands, though, as these have jewels around the entirety of the ring.

Visit Smyth Jewelers in Maryland for All of Your Jewelry Resizing Needs

At Smyth Jewelers, we take rings seriously. Since 1914, we’ve made sure that our customers have engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion rings that are perfect for them. If you’d like to inquire about our sizing process, contact us at any of our showrooms: (410) 252-6666 for our Timonium store; (443) 321-0300 for our Annapolis location; and (410) 461-4044 for our Ellicott City storefront.

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