Diamond Education

    Your engagement ring is a unique symbol of your enduring love.

    But let's face it, choosing a ring is also a big decision. And you have got plenty of other big decisions on your plate already. The good news is Smyth is here to help. Here are some quick tips to help you seal the deal.

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    Step 1
    Know the 4C's.

    What shape of diamond are you looking for? What color? What size? And how close to flawless? Knowing the 4C's will help you speak the lingo and and get more sparkle for your buck.


    The cut of your diamond refers to the quality of the cut(its proportions and angles) and its brilliance(how much dazzling light it reflects). The better the cut, the more the stone will sparkle, but shape also plays a part. Each shape is different and has unique characteristics that determine its quality.

    Pro Tip - Cuts graded very good or better are recommended, but a good cut can be a great value


    After sparkle, color is what the eyes notice next. Generally the less color a diamond has, the more valuable it is-you are looking for that icy winter sparkle. Many diamonds' colors are only visible under magnification, so your best bet is to view the stones in person and see what looks good to you.

    Pro Tip - Near colorless grades(G-H) are good value because the naked eye doesn't see the traces of color.


    Most people think that carats are a measure of a diamond's size. You know better-it's a measure of weight. A smaller carat weight can look bigger with a higher cut grade. Prices also jump at the half-carat and full-carat marks, so aiming just below can be a savvy move, wallet-wise.

    Pro Tip - Flat bottomed styles shave weight, but can still rock her world.


    A diamond's clarity refers to how flawless it is, both to the naked eye and under a magnifying glass. Diamonds with the fewest and smallest tiny imperfections - called inclusions - have the highest clarity grades.

    Pro Tip - On a budget? Diamonds in VS range get you the most that still looks "eye clean".

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    Step 2
    It's time to get personal.

    You want to make the engagement ring all about her-a perfect reflection of her uniqueness and charm. The setting is your opportunity to create a custom statement just for her.


    The diamond may be the star of the show, but the setting is the stage. The right setting will show off her diamond, compliment her style and reflect her personality.


    From the purity of platinum to the warmth of rose gold, your choice of metal can both match her sense of style and make a statement on all its own.

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    Step 3
    Set your priorities. And a budget.

    Prioritize your wish list so you can pick the perfect ring and still stay in budget.There are tons of options at every price range, so you can check off that must-have cut and still get the ring of her dreams

    It's smart to have a number in your head before you start shopping. The old rule of thumb for engagement rings-three months salary-is not necessarily for everyone. Take a realistic look at your salary, your savings and your plans for the future.

    Pro Tip - You're on a budget but she's on a high-carat diet? Make up the difference by adjusting the clarity and color grade.

    Step 4
    Love comes in only one size. Hers.

    When you propose,you want a ring you can slip on your fiancee's finger as snugly as Cinderella's shoe. It's time to do a little detective work.

    Bring in another ring.Ideally, one she wears on that same finger

    Ask her best friend.They have shopped for rings together.Trust us on this one.

    Get a standard size.You can always have it resized later.Our jewelers are pretty amazing that way.

    You deserve an expert. So visit today.
    • An in-store expert can point you to cuts,styles and settings you may not have expected-and that deliver more sparkle for your buck. In fact we have largest selection of diamonds on the East Coast.
    • You're not just buying a ring; you are also buying a relationship-including certification, warranties, periodic cleaning and other services.
    • We shop the world's diamond markets fiercely and keep our costs low so the diamonds of your dreams can become a reality.
    • We offer a 30 day, 100% satisfaction gurantee. Not only that, our lifetime warranty is free.
    • When you purchase from smyth jewelers, you'll feel confident knowing you've received the highest quality diamond at an amazing price. Because we want you to love your diamond year after year.
    • We even serve freshly baked cookies. Everybody likes cookies. Right?

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