Smyth’s Top Ring Trends for 2018

Whether you’ve been dreaming of the same ring since you were 5 years old, or your taste changes every time you get on Pinterest—it’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with exploring your options.

Check out 2018’s top ring trends and find the perfect one for you. Then go to Smyth and make it real. And if you’re trying to drop a not-so-subtle hint to your special someone, be sure to share it with them.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Simple, timeless and always stunning, we’re naming oval-cut diamonds the shape of the season—because this trend is definitely booming.

Colored Gems

A bold twist on a classic. The bright accent will make your ring uniquely yours, and catch eyes all over town.

Yellow Diamonds

A fresh take on a traditional diamond, and often on the fancier end. A yellow diamond fits beautifully into any ring you choose. They aren’t the most common, but if you’re going for upscale, it’s worth the search.

Rose Gold

Romantic, feminine and fashion-forward. Rose gold is a popular choice, and a definite win for a modern, yet classic, girl.

East-West Settings

Take the traditional and flip it—literally. An east-west setting is perfect for a unique bride-to-be looking for a timeless feel.

Three-Stone Settings

A refreshing take on a simple and sophisticated ring. Why have one diamond when you can have three?

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Elegant, sleek and modern. A pear shape is easily customizable, from a simple stand-alone diamond to a blinged-out pavé setting.

Ring Stacking

The more rings the merrier, right? Mix and match different styles while keeping a gorgeous, balanced look that’s always Insta-ready.

Bold Bands

A statement piece with a practical style. A bold band is for the girl who wants her ring to stand out, shine bright and stay out of her way.

Mixed Metals

For the girl who wants a ring that’s different from everyone else’s. Mixed-metal rings are exciting, eye-catching works of art.

Custom Designs

A ring as one of a kind as you are. Create a custom piece that perfectly fits your personality. Get started with Smyth’s friendly experts, always on hand to help.

Twisted Details

An understated style with a bolder setting. Twisted details give a more traditional ring a playful edge.

Vintage Inspired

Great styles of the past always come back. Vintage-inspired rings are detailed, charming and romantic.

Now that you’re familiar with 2018’s most popular engagement ring trends, visit a Smyth store to see them come to life. And, whichever ring you choose, make sure it’s completely, one-hundred-percent you.


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