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Product Care Guide

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. They are uniquely resistant to damage by heat or scratching, and can be cut or polished only by another diamond — but an extremely hard blow to the girdle can cause a diamond to chip. By having your diamond set in a relatively protective setting, and remaining conscious of it on your finger, you can keep your diamond intact for a lifetime. Exposure during ordinary wear to perspiration and household chemicals, like chlorine and hairspray, can cause buildup that dulls the surface of a diamond. We suggest periodic cleanings to keep the diamond brilliant and beautiful.

Cleaning Your Diamond

There are four simple ways to wash away the "film" that accumulates on diamonds:

  1. The Detergent Bath - Prepare a small bowl of warm suds with any mild liquid detergent. Brush pieces gently with a tooth brush while they are in the suds. Transfer to a wire strainer and rinse under warm running water. Pat dry with a soft, lintless cloth.
  2. The Cold Water - Soak Make a half and half solution of cold water and household ammonia in a cup. Soak the diamond 30 minutes . Lift out and tap gently around the back and front of the mounting with a small brush. Swish in the solution once more,and drain on paper. No rinse is needed.
  3. The Quick - Dip Method Buy one of the brand-name liquid jewelry cleaners with its kit, and follow the instructions.
  4. The Ultrasonic Cleaner - A small machine with a metal cup which you can fill with water and detergent. It creates a high-frequency turbulence which can clean all your jewelry.

Once a year, it is a good idea to have your diamond checked for the security of the setting. You can also come into one of our stores and wile you wait we will clean your diamond and check the security of the setting complementary.

Diamond Do’s and Dont’s

  • Don't let your diamond come in contact with chlorine bleach when you're doing housework. It won't hurt the diamond, but it can pit or discolor the mounting.
  • Don't wear your diamond when you're playing sports, doing rough work or the dishes. Even though a diamond is durable, it can be chipped by a hard blow along its grain.
  • Don't jumble your diamond pieces in a drawer or jewelry case, because diamonds can scratch each other and also scratch other jewelry.
  • Remember to bring your diamonds in to Smyth's for a "check-up" at least once a year. We will check your ring for loose prongs and signs of wear, and give it a professional "shine-up" too.

Storing your Diamond Jewelry

We recommend that all diamond jewelry is stored individually in soft cloth pouches when not being worn to prevent the diamond or diamonds from scratching or dulling other jewelry.