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Our Graduate Gemologists

Our Graduate Gemologists

Expert advice

Smyth Jewelers is dedicated to providing the highest quality gemstones at the most affordable prices. Because of that dedication, we employ graduate gemologists to ensure the best quality gem and the best quality service. Smyth has a complete gem lab on premises to carefully scrutinize all diamonds.

Bring in any jewelry item, purchased at Smyth or elsewhere, and our gemologist will provide:

  • Gem Identification
  • Insurance appraisals
  • Estate Appraisals

Get up close and personal with your diamond before you buy...

Our experienced non-commissioned sales team will help you view your diamond with state-of-the-art gemscopes for open and honest clarity and grading, and a better understanding of your diamond.

Call us now at 1-800-638-3333 for pricing on appraisals and gem identification or make an appointment. The expertise of our gemologists is just another reason to trust your most special moments to Smyth.

Need more information? Speak directly to one of our Graduate Gemologists.